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Pipeline natural gas flowmeter - special flowmeter for natural gas

Time:2021-07-02  Views: 925

A good flowmeter provides all-round support.

The utility model has the advantages of simple and light structure, good repeatability, wide measurement range and convenient installation and maintenance.

Automatic temperature and pressure compensation operation.

Special for high-precision trade settlement.

High protection level, prevent dust from entering.

High explosion-proof grade, safe and assured.

The Precession Vortex flowmeter has no movable parts, simple structure, easy installation, high measurement accuracy and high cost performance. It is a commonly used instrument for urban gas transmission and distribution.

Gas turbine flowmeter has the advantages of simple structure, powerful function, long service life and high precision. It is a common flow instrument for Trade Measurement and industrial measurement.

Roots (waist wheel) natural gas flowmeter has the advantages of simple installation and use, high measurement accuracy, 360 degree rotation of the meter and long service life. It is not only an ideal instrument for measuring natural gas, but also a flow instrument commonly used by gas companies.


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