Target flow meterYK-LB

Suitable Medium

Liquid, gas, high temperature/high viscosity/low Reynolds number fluid, such as ore pulp, asphalt, etc.

Unsuitable Media


The YK-LB intelligent target flowmeter is based on the traditional isolation diaphragm target flowmeter. It applies a new strain sensor to the target flowmeter. At the same time, it uses advanced digital technology and microelectronics technology to process the detected sensor signal The 4-20mA signal output is proportional to the flow rate, and the instantaneous flow rate and the accumulated flow rate are displayed simultaneously through double-row large liquid crystals, making the traditional target flowmeter significantly improved in terms of structure and performance.



1. Structure:

YK-LB digital display target type flowmeter is mainly composed of measuring tube (shell), force element, sensing element (force sensor, pressure sensor, temperature sensor), transitional parts (increased or decreased according to temperature and pressure), and accumulated The structure of the display and output part is as follows:



1. Force component   2. Measuring tube (shell)   3. Force sensing element (including temperature and pressure sensing elements)    4, transition parts  5, integration, display, output parts


2. Working principle:

When the medium is flowing in the measuring tube, due to its own kinetic energy and the pressure difference generated by the choke, a pair of force-receiving elements are generated. The force is proportional to the square of the medium flow rate. The mathematics The expression is as follows:


   In the formula:

  F——The force received by the force element

  CD——Object resistance coefficient

  Ρ——medium density under working conditions

  U——The average flow rate of the medium in the measuring tube

  A——Axial projected area of the force element on the measuring tube


     1. High temperature and high pressure resistance: from -80℃ to 350℃, the pressure can reach 42Mpa;

     2. Applicable to various calibers: Φ15-Φ1500;

     3. Suitable for liquid, gas and steam measurement;

     4. It can measure low-velocity media, and the flow velocity is greater than 0.1m/s (Reynolds coefficient is greater than 1000);

     5. Measurable medium with high viscosity and containing silt;

     6. Accurate measurement and high precision, up to 0.2% (special order);

     7. The pressure loss is small, only about 1/2△P of the standard orifice plate, and the large diameter is obviously reduced;

     8. The software is powerful, and it can be calibrated online or dry calibration;

     9. Double-line large liquid crystal display, which can display instantaneous flow, accumulated flow, over-range and battery power display;

     10. The measured flow range can be changed by replacing the force component according to actual needs;

     11. Simple and convenient installation and maintenance;

     12. A variety of installation methods, optional clamping type, flange type, thread type, plug-in removable plug-in type, sanitary type, integrated or split type.


Measured medium

Liquid gas steam

Nominal caliber

Pipe type 


Clip-on type 


Plug-in type 




Medium temperature


(Exceed 100℃ plus heat sink, over +200℃ or below -30℃ plus jacket device)


±0.5%~±2.5%FS Standard: ±1.0%FS



Power supply

Built-in lithium battery (3.6V);

External power supply 24VDC two-wire system 4-20mA (12VDC-32VDC)

Load characteristics

RLmax=50*(power supply voltage -12)Ω

Output form

Reading value displayed on site; 4~20mA; pulse; 1~5V; RS232/RS485 (optional); Hart protocol

Electrical Interface

Flameproof 1/2NPT internal thread, other M20×1.5 internal thread

Measuring tube material

Carbon steel; 304; 316L; can also be provided according to user requirements


Cast aluminum

Explosion-proof mark

Intrinsically safe type (ExiallBT4) flameproof type (ExdllBT4)

Protection level


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