Thermal gas mass flow meterYK-TMF

Suitable Medium

Natural gas, air, nitrogen, argon, helium, methylpropane, oxygen, coal gas, biogas, gas, ammonia, flue gas, etc.

Unsuitable Media


Thermal gas mass flow meters can be used in the field of process control. It does not need temperature and pressure compensation, and directly measures the mass flow of the fluid. Its outstanding features are: no moving parts; low pressure loss; wide range ratio; high accuracy; high reliability; simple installation and convenient operation. It can fully replace orifice plates and differential pressure flow meters in all fields. This flowmeter is dedicated to the measurement of single component gas or fixed ratio mixed gas. It has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, semiconductor, medical instrument, biological engineering, incineration control, gas distribution, environmental monitoring, precision instrument, scientific research, and measurement. , Food, metallurgy, aerospace and other fields.



Thermal gas mass flow meters use the principle of thermal diffusion. Thermal diffusion technology is a technology with excellent performance and high reliability under harsh conditions. Its typical sensing elements include two thermal resistances (platinum RTD), one is a speed sensor, One is a temperature sensor that automatically compensates for changes in gas temperature. When the two RTDs are placed in the medium, the speed sensor is heated to a constant temperature difference above the ambient temperature, and the other temperature sensor is used to sense the temperature of the medium. The mass flow rate of the gas flowing through the velocity sensor is calculated by the heat transfer amount of the sensing element. As the gas velocity increases, the heat transferred from the sensor to the medium increases.

(1) All products are designed with no moving parts and will not block the sensor due to dirty media or media particles.

(2) Wide range ratio 100:1, sensitive to low flow, no need for multi-level measurement, suitable for various ranges on site.

(3) There is almost no pressure loss, which overcomes the disadvantage that the traditional differential pressure method cannot measure due to the low pipeline pressure.

(4) Solve various practical problems of users (such as unsatisfactory installation of straight pipe sections, changes in components, poor measurement results, etc.). The composition change can be corrected, the sensor can be cleaned online, and the insertion length can be adjusted arbitrarily.

(5) Single/multi-point sensor can be selected to meet various requirements and high-precision measurement.

(6) Sensor plug-in or online installation reduces installation costs and is suitable for measuring various pipe diameters.


     1. Setting of different gas coefficients

     2. Display zero reset

     3. Correction of output analog

     4. Multi-point nonlinear curve correction

     5. The wide range ratio is greater than 100:1

     6. Large diameter and small flow measurement accuracy is higher

     7. The instrument can be set on site

     8. Packaged sensor with close to zero pressure loss

     9. Not sensitive to vibration

     10. The requirements for straight pipe sections are small

     11. The measured value has nothing to do with the pressure, the real mass flow detection

     12. Using expert algorithms to achieve high accuracy and stability of the instrument

     13. Response time less than one second

     14. Liquid crystal display, with instantaneous accumulation dual display, no need to switch





0.2% of full scale

temperature range

Ambient temperature -20 ℃--70℃

Medium temperature

-20℃-200℃ or -20℃-350℃

Power supply


Analog output


Response time

≤1 second

Temperature Coefficient


Communication Interface


Online display

Liquid crystal display instantaneous and cumulative flow

Process pressure

≤4.2MPa (a pressure greater than this needs to be negotiated and customized with our company)

Process connection

Flange, if you need other installation methods, you need to negotiate with our company in advance to customize

Explosion-proof grade


Protection level

Sensor IP67, transmitter IP65

Applicable medium

Moisture-free gas

Measuring range

0.05--80m/s (standard state is 20 ℃, 0.10133MPa)

Sensor material

The standard is 316L; Kazakhstan C; Tantalum

Probe material

The standard is 1Cr18Ni9Ti; 316L; Ha C; Tantalum

shell material

Hazardous area installation shell is powder-coated aluminum casting

Electrical Interface



Within one year of the normal use of the product

Pressure loss

It can be ignored for pipes with a diameter greater than DN80

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