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The measurement theory is: because the actual fluid is viscous, it is not an ideal fluid. When it flows in the pipeline, under the premise of fully developing the flow in the hall, there are two flow states of laminar flow and turbulent flow. According to the principle of conservation of energy of continuous flow and Bernoulli equation, for the fluid flowing in laminar flow state, its velocity distribution is a paraboloid symmetrical to the center line of the pipeline, and the pressure drop of the fluid passing through a certain pipeline is proportional to the flow rate.



V-cone flowmeter is a new type of differential pressure flow meter with high precision and high stability. Like other differential pressure instruments, it is also based on the principle of flow continuity and Bernoulli equation to calculate the fluid flow rate. We know that in the same closed pipeline, when the pressure decreases, the speed will increase. When the medium approaches the cone, the pressure is P+. When the medium passes through the cone's throttling area, the speed will increase and the pressure will decrease to P- , P+ and P- are both led to the differential pressure transmitter through the pressure port of the V-shaped cone flowmeter. When the flow rate changes, the differential pressure value will increase or decrease accordingly. That is to say, for a stable fluid, the flow rate is proportional to the square root of the differential pressure. When the flow velocity is the same, the larger the cone throttle area, the larger the differential pressure value generated.

Orifice flowmeter is a high turndown differential pressure flow device composed of standard orifice plate and multi-parameter differential pressure transmitter (or differential pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter and pressure transmitter). It can measure gas, The flow rate of steam, liquid and pipe is widely used in process control and measurement in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, heating, water supply and so on. The throttling device is also called a differential pressure flowmeter, which is composed of a primary detection part (throttling part) and a secondary device (differential pressure transmitter and flow indicator) and is widely used in gases. Flow measurement of steam and liquid. It has simple structure, convenient maintenance and stable performance.


Product features of V cone flowmeter:

1. It has good accuracy (≤0.5%) and repeatability (≤0.1%).

2. It has a wide range ratio (10:1~15:1)

3. Self-rectifying function, only a very short straight pipe section is needed (1~3D before 0~1D).

4. Self-cleaning function, which can detect dirty and easily fouling fluids, suitable for medium with more impurities such as blast furnace gas.

5. Self-protection function, the key parts of throttling parts are not worn out, and they can keep working stably for a long time.

6. High temperature, high pressure, corrosion resistance, not afraid of vibration.

7. The types of measurable fluids are very wide (liquid, gas, steam), the flow measurement range is wide (small flow to large flow), and the applicable pipelines are DN15 to DN3000.

8. The flow meter structure design is a fluid sweep type structure, it is impossible to intercept any entrained gas, liquid or solid phase dirt in the fluid. It is very suitable for flow measurement of dirty fluids, such as coke oven gas, wet gas, etc.

9. No moving parts

10. When the fluid flows through the filled inner cone, it will form a boundary layer around its periphery and channel the fluid away from the edge of the cone's tail, thereby reducing the possibility of it being worn.

11. Measure steam and hot water at the heat exchange station, without straight pipe section. Due to the relatively small space of the heat exchange station, the selection of general flow meters requires a long straight pipe section, which affects the operation accuracy. It is used to measure blast furnace gas. It has a self-cleaning effect and the pressure pipe is not easy to be blocked.

Features of Intelligent Orifice Flowmeter:

1. The structure of the throttling device of the orifice flowmeter is easy to copy, simple, firm, stable and reliable in performance, long in service life, and low in price.

2. Orifice plate calculation adopts international standards and processing

3. Orifice flowmeter has a wide application range, all single-phase flow can be measured, and part of mixed-phase flow can also be applied.

4. The standard throttling device does not need real flow calibration

5. The integrated orifice flowmeter is easier to install, no pressure pipe is needed, and it can be directly connected to a differential pressure transmitter and a pressure transmitter

6. Using imported monocrystalline silicon intelligent differential pressure sensor

7. High precision and perfect self-diagnosis function

8. The range of the intelligent orifice flowmeter can be adjusted by self-programming.

9. The intelligent orifice flowmeter can display cumulative flow, instantaneous flow, pressure, and temperature at the same time.

10. In addition to online and dynamic compensation functions, the intelligent orifice flowmeter also has self-diagnosis and self-set range.

11. Equipped with multiple communication interfaces

12. High stability

13. Wide measuring range, maximum 10:1

Technical index of intelligent orifice flowmeter

1. High precision: soil 1.0%

2. High stability: better than 0.1% FS

3. No need to adjust after working continuously for 5 years

4. The influence of temperature and static pressure can be ignored

5. Withstand voltage 42Mpa


V cone flowmeter parameters:

1. High precision: ±0.075%

2. High stability: better than 0.1%fs/year

3. High static pressure: 40mpa

4. No need to adjust after working continuously for 5 years

5. The influence of temperature and static pressure can be ignored

6. Anti-high overpressure

Intelligent orifice flowmeter parameters:

Measured medium

Water, steam, oil and some compressed gas

Measuring diameter


Measurement items

Petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, heating, water supply

Medium temperature


Flow measurement error

Level 1

Signal form


Power supply


Nominal pressure


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