Ultrasonic open channel flowmeterYK-CW-700

Suitable Medium

Typical application: conductive liquids with strong corrosiveness or impurities such as acids, alkalis, seawater, etc.

Unsuitable Media

Non-conductive liquid/gas

YK-CW-700 Ultrasonic Open Channel Flowmeter is a convenient and applicable split ultrasonic liquid level flow meter developed by our company with many years of production experience and absorbed the advantages of many similar products, which avoids the integrated circuit in the harsh environment. Worry about failure prone to failure. It has the advantages of accurate measurement, reliable work, and generous appearance. Using large-scale integrated circuits, the component placement rate reaches 90%, which ensures the long-term reliability of the product. At the same time, the power consumption is reduced to an extremely low level. It is easy to use the large screen to display the full Chinese menu, supports SD card data collection and serial data download, and can record ten interference echo points.



The open channel flowmeter is based on the flow velocity-water level calculation method, and adopts advanced flow velocity measuring instruments and water level measuring instruments to ensure the accuracy of speed measurement and calculation. It is required to adopt the mathematical model of single probe method or multi-probe method for open channel flow measurement.

The microprocessor in the intelligent open channel flow system display instrument calculates according to the actual water level measured by the water level gauge and the channel geometric dimensions, slope coefficients, channel accuracy, hydraulic ramps, and vertical plane correction coefficients of flow velocity according to the predetermined mathematical model. Flow out of the channel.

The working principle of the open channel flowmeter is to use the open channel technology to measure the fluid level height, and then calculate the flow rate through the internal microprocessor of the instrument. Because it is a non-contact measurement, the open channel flowmeter can be used in harsher environments. The open channel flowmeter transmits and receives the open channel under the control of the microcomputer, and calculates the distance between the open channel flowmeter and the measured liquid level according to the transmission time, thereby obtaining the liquid level height. Because there is a certain proportional relationship between the liquid level and the flow rate, The liquid flow rate Q can be finally obtained according to the calculation formula.


  1. This product has built-in GPRS and Wifi to realize the Internet of Things;

  2, backup and restore setting parameters;

  3, can measure the level, liquid level, volume, flow, etc.;

  4. The analog output can be adjusted arbitrarily;

   5. With digital filtering and echo recognition functions;

  6. The fixed interference filtering function can be manually set;

  7, support Bluetooth, GPRS communication, etc. (selected when ordering);

   8. Support custom serial port data format (selected when ordering);

  9, support custom mathematical function operations;

  10, support custom sound velocity (special substance measurement);

  11. Support MiniSD card data collection (selected when ordering);

   12. Support USB output (selected when ordering);

   13. Support micro printer (selected when ordering).


Ranging range

2m、5m、8m、10m、12m、15m、20m、25m、30m(Select when ordering)

Blind spot

0.3-1.5m (different from the range)

Launch angle

Less than 12° (different from sensor)

Ranging accuracy



Chinese and English large screen LCD, color screen TFT (optional)

Minimum display resolution


Temperature compensation

Automatic temperature compensation

working frequency

20 KHz~200KHz (different depending on model specifications)

On-site setting

Finish by pressing the keys of the machine


Factory calibration, can be calibrated on site


Can switch between Chinese and English automatically

Output (selected when ordering)

Analog signal output, 4~20mA (standard configuration), 0~20mA, 0~5V, 0~10V load>300Ω

Digital communication

RS485, HART protocol, GPRS, MiniSD card data acquisition, USB (selected when ordering)

4-channel relay output

Relay contact capacity: AC: 5A 250V DC: 10A 120V

powered by

Working voltage, AC220V or DC12-24V

Power consumption


Physical properties

Host outline size, 240mm×184mm×110mm /256mm×175mm×110mm

Host material

ABS engineering plastics/cast aluminum

Sensor cable

10m shielded cable (any length can be customized)

Transducer material

ABS engineering plastics, nylon

Sensor dimensions

Φ65mm×119mm×G1 1/2(2m Range)

Φ74mm×137mm×M60(5m-15m Range)

Φ110mm×194mm×M30(20m-30m Range)

Sensor installation interface

G1 1/2(2m Range),M60×2(5m-15m Range)

M30X1.5 or DN80 non-standard flange (20m-30m range)

Protection level

IP65 (higher protection level can be customized)

Explosion-proof grade

EX[ia]IIBT4 (select when ordering)

working environment

Temperature and pressure

Storage humidity

≤80%RH without condensation

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